I am from Canada, the land of the True North Strong and Free. I’m passionate about this life, excited about the future, and free as a bird.


The purpose of this site is to write about topics that I find to be relevant, controversial, and compelling. My goal is always to share blog posts that are eye-opening, true, and authentic.


One of my greatest passions is travel. Travel is life for me. To date, I have traveled to over 50 countries. The way I see it, life was meant to be an adventure. I am an adventurer and a risk-taker at heart determined to squeeze every last drop out of life. To experience culture and people on every corner of the Earth, and learn in the process is what I feel life is all about. So whether I am strolling through the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, adventuring through the green tea fields of Yame, Japan or up in the great, white peaks of Chukhung, Nepal you know I am in my element.

“Live your life by a compass, not a clock.” -Stephen Covey


Coming soon…


Coming soon…

Everything Else

You could call me the jack of all trades. Among travel, history, and technology, I enjoy a good old debate about politics, lifestyle, and health. So you can expect a number of topics around this here too.

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