Why I Voted Green

Think different.

A critical time for Canada. This election will be talked about for decades from now. This time around I voted very differently. I voted Green. I have a good conscience knowing that I voted for the party with the best track record, a conscience-thinking leader, promotion of freedom within their party and thinking ahead for generations to come.

This isn’t the same Green Party from the 90s, the tree huggers or pot smokers. They stand for a shift in policies and our economy that are needed for us to move towards a sustainable future. We’re still thinking with a 70s mindset in Canada where consumption is the driving focus for growth. It doesn’t need to be this way. Canada should be leading the world in environmental protectionism, development of alternative energies and shifting our economy to support more sustainable ways of doing things. The Liberals, Conservatives and NDP just focus on the here and now. They hold the environment secondary. I like that the Green Party stands for:

  • Sustainable Economy. One that is not just focused on consumption to drive growth, but is looking to steadily grow the economy through promotion of new and more efficient means of doing things, putting the environment and sustainability at the top of their priorities. I think this is one of the top reasons why Nordic countries have the happiest citizens. They’re off the sugar (consumption) and onto the greens (sustainability). 😊  
  • Strong Communities. Most Canadian families with two income earners can no longer buy a home. That’s crazy. We need to start valuing our communities and their vitality again. Community should be at the heart of any candidates agenda. For big 3 it’s not. 😐
  • Good Government. Clearly the Harper government does not value a responsible government. Trudeau and Muclair remind me of 20th century fascists forcing their MPs to vote their way on sensitive issues. Once in power, how will they decide on other important issues? I voted for a party that vows to end the party whip so members can vote on issues as they like. That’s what democracy is all about, right?
  • Bold Climate Action. Protecting the environment and eliminating fossil fuel use should be on the agenda. We’re in a rapidly growing and changing world. 

This is a first for me. I’ve voted Green, going against the “family and friend whip” and I’m proud of my decision. It makes sense actually. The Green Party aligns best with the companies I admire most, Apple🍎, Tesla🚗, SpaceX🚀 and Solar City☀️.

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