The Goodness in the Ascent

In life, we face challenges. Like ascending a mountain, there’s an “uphill” struggle, maybe even a bit of a battle. And sometimes that mountain’s grade is steeper than the last – some challenges we face are just bigger. Things have changed a lot since the last time we spoke. Moving and settling in to a whole new life and land is friggin hard, but it’s gotten much, much better here. I’d say about 3x. That’s significant. What has helped me a lot has been the new friendships, I now have a job (at Lululemon), school is getting better and not to sound cliche, but I’ve been getting into the swing of things. Things are settling in that just couldn’t before. And God has been doing incredible things to my heart. I tell ya though, there were times I just wanted to give up, pack my bags and go home. We often what to run and/or hide when things get real tough and challenging. When I was discouraged I brought it to the God, and as per usual it made all the differnce. When the pressure in my mind, body and soul was too much He gave me relief and restored me. In the midst of all the chaos I found peace, I saw the vision, got the focus back, got into that rhythm and pushed through. YES.

Iron sharpens iron. Under pressure we have a choice. We can deflate and flop or excel and face that sucker of a lion, head on (and learn and grow from it). I have a good friend back in Vancouver, Tyrone or t.pAk, who’s an upcoming hip hop artist. He wrote this song when he was under great pressure, facing some of his greatest challenges and failures. He didn’t give up. He rose up, overcame and elevated to a whole new level. I’ve gotten out of some pretty terrible situations. God has restored so, so much. My family knows. I have begun asking myself, how grateful am I for all of this? And because of these second, third and fourth chances shouldn’t my vision and mission for my life be that much greater? Yes. Yes, it should be. I’m stronger through the fire and thus I should be going for more in life.

Life is always good. I’ve given up my comfortable life back in the tranquil green, rain soaked mountains of Vancouver for the sandy, yellow beaches of Sydney. Okay that doesn’t sound like much of a discomfort. This has been challenging. Oh, yes. I’m being challenged and put out of our comfort zone. I’m sleep deprived, my routine has at times been out of balance, money is tight, there are uncertainties and the future isn’t all that clear. During a major transition there are times that we aren’t ourselves, but the great thing is that we grow, change and move towards who we were destined to be. The choice is ours. Since the beginning of man’s time on earth we humans have been experts at readjusting and making it work even in the most difficult of circumstances. I often have to remind myself that I’ve seen what most people around the globe cope with like sleeping on dirt floors, no insulation, parasites and disease and not knowing when the next meal will be. I’m spoiled. Like every other westerner. And I’m not grateful enough. I’ve had to give up on some comforts since I arrived in Sydney, but what I’ve gained is so much more. And it’s only getting better. Life is so good.

You will be great. Last time I was worried about accomodation and a job. Since that time both have turned out well. Very well. I ended up getting setup in a beautiful space. I have some kind and generous roommates. The transition isn’t all that bad. And I got a job at Lululemon. I’ve dreamed about working at Lululemon since I moved to Vancouver over 6 years ago. I’m believing for a new man. To come out of this. A new career. A new direction. I want to be better at communication, speaking, sharing and being real. I want to to love others more and more deeply. I’d love to meet someone too. I’ve realized I’d like to have someone not so much to not be alone, but so I have someone to share this life with. I’m coming to realize that belief is a powerful thing. Believe you will be a great friend to many and believe you will find the love of your life, someone that’s your warm glass of milk and honey. They are warm, sweet and gentle. To achieve anything great in this life it requires faith, belief in ourselves, most of important, beliefs that God has very good things for you. Not average, but good. And good is great. When Gof created the earth and the heavens it was good. Believe that you need vision, focus, perseverance and discipline. All things can be made possible for those that believe.

It’s like surgery. It’s challenging, good, deep, raw, exciting and life changing all in one being here. Often I feel as if someone is cutting to my bone. They hit a nerve once and while. It’s like surgery. My heart fights the loss of control. I want to have free evenings and weekends again. When that happens I have to step back. I step back, breathe, talk to God, look at the situation and realize… this isn’t so bad. Actually, this is great. I often am reminded that any of my little “situations” are all in the mind. Sure, I’m in a new country, new surroundings, school, people on my life and goals. I have a lot of new friends here where the English isn’t their mother tongue, some have kids and a budget much tighter than mine. Eating well, sleeping, bonding, exploring, being creative and free help a lot. Life is a project. It’s always moving. Never still. I’m learning to stop compartmentalizing my life. It doesn’t all need to be manageable. Trying to control everything in life will suck the fun out of it. My belief and goal is that God would be the biggest source of life and comfort for me. In everything and always. Just me and Him. Life at times will be difficult. At times it will feel like we’re ascending Everest. The cold, icy wind will cut at our face like razor blades. Our feet will feel frostbite, our food low, and our pack straps will cut into our backs. But He is good. All the time. Through the valleys and mountains. Always has been, and always will be. We’re running a marathon. Not a 100 meter dash. And it’s a privilege. In this journey we grow and learn. And when it might feel like it’s getting more challenging and we’ve lost something, we’re actually gaining. That’s pretty cool.  The more I run this race, the more agile and limber I get. That’s making me. Wiser. Lighter. And freer. It’s all part of my process. My journey. And I’m grateful.

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  1. Josh, that’s a good article . So good to see what God is doing in your life and your responses. We always have a choice, do we respond or react, it makes all the difference to our acceleration!

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