A Little Place Called Pai

Whilst traveling there are a few places that stand out. But let’s face it. Most are just okay and some not worth mentioning. The forgettable ones. Those places can make you think of home. I guess it’s all part of the adventure traveling. But the few that stand out make you grateful. Some might call them black swans. They have just the right mixture of affordability, good food, beauty and culture. Those ones live in your mind forever. When you’re back working your 9 to 5 you dream of being back there. There was a little place in Thailand that had just that. For me that place was Pai.

Living in dreamland

I discovered Pai on my travels through northern Thailand. I wanted to escape from the craziness of Bangkok so I made my way up to Chiang Mai. I thoroughly enjoyed the city. It was clean, safe, the culture was fun and the food was incredibly delicious. But after a few days of wandering the streets, and avoiding the ladyboys I found myself wanting a place to unwind. Keen for the next destination, I came across a place called Pai, thanks to Google. It seemed like an unlikely of heroes. It looked quaint, small and remote. When I first came across Pai I thought to myself, “This place looks fun. But maybe it’s a hippy haven.” I was right. It was a paradise, but there were lots of hippies. Mixed with friendly locals, a beautiful ecosystem, vibrant culture and some of the most delicious food I’ve ever had. Pai was a dream!

Food in Pai is fresh, clean, authentic and unforgettable.

The Perfect Formula

There are a few things that make for the perfect destination.

  • Fresh ingredients. Hold nothing back. The ingredients must be local and fresh.
  • Food, food, food! The food needs to be delicious and safe. The culture must be in tact, and the locals friendly and inviting.
  • Off the track. The destination must be remote, and off the beaten track.
  • Stay away tourists. Too many tourists bring bad vibes, pollution and desperation. The place should be beautiful and clean.

There are plenty of things to do in Pai. While I was in Pai I kept asking myself, “Am I dreaming, because this place feels like heaven!”

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