Why My Country is a Nation in Distress

In late 2019 it is believed that a coronavirus, classified by scientists as SARS-CoV-2 the second known version of SARs, leaped from an animal to a human. There is also a well-known theory that suggests it was leaked from a lab in Wuhan that was known for conducting experiments on coronaviruses. Like the assassination of JFK, Area 51, or whether 9/11 an inside job we may never know the truth about the origins of the virus still having its way with our species. This virus has become known to all of us as Covid-19, deriving its name from the coronavirus disease and the year or its origin. Covid-19 has a recovery rate of 99%.[1] To put things into perspective, the mortality rate for polio, a disease caused by the paralysis of the respiratory or swallowing muscles which can be life-threatening. The case-fatality ratio for paralytic polio is 2-5% for children and 15-30% for adults[2]. We should keep in mind that paralytic polio occurs in less than 1% of all infections.[3] Another well-known and equally terrifying disease is measles. In children the mortality rate is 28%, but in immunocompromised people, it can be as high as 70%.[4] These are diseases that justify use of every resource and measure at our disposal to contain them, including the use of vaccines. Vaccines that were developed over a long period of time and were only released when they qualified.

Some experts say that with the most recent variants, Omicron and BA.2, although more contagious and far less lethal, we no longer should focus on flattening the curve as we used to. And they believe it is time why we now had more open societies such as those in Denmark, the UK, and Israel. So why has Canada, a country known for rights and freedoms across the world taken such draconian measures, banishing the unvaccinated from restaurants and venues, restricting movement of people and now planning to “double down” on its efforts? A move that is in the opposite direction of what other countries are doing. Why is the Canadian government mandating vaccines, a clear violation of human rights set by the Nuremberg Code? People should be free to have a choice and not be threatened to have their rights and freedoms violated. This is what Canadians are trying to figure out and what many are fighting for.

Before We Get Into This

Before we get started, I want to make it clear that I am not a political scientist, medical professional or economist. I am just an ordinary citizen that is proud of my country and to call myself Canadian. I desperately miss how my country once was. After a year of travel I returned in November 2021 to find my country in complete disarray. People once unified were now divided. Friendships that once seemed to be eternally connected were been broken and families torn apart. My purpose in writing article is not to create further divide or resentment, but highlight some of disparities in Canadian society right now. To bring to the forefront the crisis we are facing and what might lie ahead if we don’t take action now.

Something Seems Wrong Here

In early 2021 the World Health Organization (WHO) initiated an investigation into the origins of Covid-19. After an incomplete and hollow investigation, they were ousted from China. That should have sent some alarm bells ringing, but they didn’t ring loud enough. If the country of origin fails to provide 100% cooperation where does that leave us?

A Cure for Our Time

“Peace for our time” was a declaration made by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in his 30th of September 1938 remarks in London concerning the Munich Agreement and the subsequent Anglo-German Declaration. Less than 5 months later German troops marched into Czechoslovakia and annexed the Sudetenland. Sound familiar?

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of forums online that focus on one single topic of discussion: “Covid vaccines”. Are the vaccines effective and how long do they last? What are the short and long-term consequences of getting one? The Canadian government, the state-run media such as the CBC, and the pharmaceutical companies have told us that vaccines are the only way out of this pandemic. But is the pandemic slowing down because of the vaccines or is it simply evolving to the point of extinction on its own? The Spanish Flu, a far more deadly virus suspected of killing as many as 100 million people, extinguished itself. There are some serious issues with the theory that the vaccines will get us out of this:

  1. The clinical trial periods were insufficient. The Covid vaccines are yet to pass exploratory trials (generally lasts 1 to 2 years), let alone pre-clinical trials which follow that and last for another 1 to 2 years. Vaccine development is a long, complex process, often lasting up to 10 to 15 years and involving a combination of public and private involvement.[5]
  2. Safety protocols were not followed. There too many questions about how the vaccines were developed and their safety. Yes, it’s true the mRNA technology is new and can fast path development, but this is the first time the technology has been used on a large scale, let alone a global one.
  3. Vaccines are ineffective and outdated. The current vaccines being administered have proven to have little positive impact. First we were told the vaccines would prevent the virus, but when that failed it was only reduction in severe disease. Even if that is the case, the vaccines being administered now are for the previous strains and are not designed for the spike protein profile of the new variants. Studies claim the Pfizer vaccine is less than 21% effective at administration,[6] but drop even further just 3 to 6 months for the previous strains. Stats claim the current vaccines are only 15% effective at administration, but drop even more after 3 to 6 months.
  4. Pharma companies do not have a good record. Some of the Pharmaceutical companies releasing the vaccines, namely Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson do not have a great track record for safety. Pfizer not long ago agreed to pay the largest health care fraud settlement in history amounting to $2.3 billion.[7]
  5. Largest funding lobby groups are pharma companies. Some of the lobby groups with the deepest pockets in Canada and the US are pharmaceutical companies. The CMA (Canadian Medical Association) has a long history of financial ties to big pharma. In the past the CMA accepted $780,000 from Pfizer Canada to fund the new “continuing medical education”.[8] We seem to have conveniently forgotten that the pharmaceutical industry is in business to make money, not to educate health professionals.
  6. Pharma companies have amassed huge profits during the pandemic. Pharma company profits and stocks have surged throughout this pandemic, and to the delight of shareholders no doubt. Moderna stock has increased over 700% in 2 years and hit a high of 2000% in September. This is a business, not a goodwill foundation.
  7. Governments are in too deep. The government of Canada has footed a massive bill to purchase the vaccines and it needs to get them in arms otherwise that money will go to waste. Every vaccine administered is money returned to the government. If someone doesn’t get the jab they can’t get the money back. Spending for the Federal government has already surged $440 billion in 2021 alone.
Source: Infographic for Government of Canada (Authorities, Expenditures and Planned Spending) [9]

We’ve Been Lied To

The vaccines were rushed, pushed through with Operation Warp Speed (thanks Trump), and now that money needs to be paid back. They could very well go down as the most destructive vaccines in history — the scale will be massive. How did this happen? The public has been twisted by the rhetoric of the Canadian Federal government, the pharmaceutical companies, and the sold-out Canadian media.[10] The vaccines have lost their effective edge if they ever had one. Studies suggest the vaccinated carry the same viral load as the unvaccinated.[11]

The powers that be are continuing to work that angle, and will do whatever it takes to save face. And they’re not backing down. We’ve seen this before. This kind of advertising. These lies. Generations before us were lied to about the health and safety of most everything from lead, cereals, DDT, plastics, microwaves, and even smoking. Why would it be so different this time? It was clear early on with lockdowns, quarantines, and vaccines that the cure was worse than the disease. But people have been brainwashed by the powers that be who claim they are telling them the truth. They claim the unvaccinated are even causing the pandemic to go on. Once everyone is vaccinated everything can return to normal. The rhetoric is blasphemy.

If we look carefully, countries that have lead efforts in vaccinations have been found to have higher infection rates than those in Africa and Asia. It’s clear the vaccine hasn’t slowed infection. If you look at it closely you’ll see that it may in some cases actually increased the rate of infection. It may reduce severe disease in some cases, but is it worth the risk and the side effects? When I think about the Covid vaccines I think about the prescription medicine commercials. “____ will cause constipation, heart palpitations, potential stroke or heart attack, but it will stop your headaches”. The Covid vaccines are no different!

Surges in Canada Aren’t That Bad

Looking at the evidence of the cases by country can tell us a few things about vaccine efficacy. The Omicron variant is suspected to have begun or taken root in South Africa late in 2021. Cases in South Africa, a nation of over 60 million and just 50% vaccinated hit 20,000 cases a day. But in Canada, a country with a population of nearly half (37 million) and 80% fully vaccinated, cases surged to over 30,000 a day. It could very well be that not as many were tested in South Africa, but it could also be that the cases were simply far higher in Canada because of waning vaccination efficacy. It is well known that many in South Africa have had to bear the brunt of the waves with their own immunities doing the work. They call that natural immunity. But even with the high number of cases in both Canada and South Africa deaths have been relatively low compared with the number of infections for previous strains.

Cases in Canada, a country with over 80% vaccinated, surged to over 30,000 a day. Source: Our World in Data.
Cases in a South Africa, a country with nearly twice the population of Canada hit only 20,000 cases a day. Source: JHU CSSE COVID-19 Data.

This Time the Science is Wrong

There are many great things that the scientific community has done for humanity such as the miraculous creation of penicillin which saved millions during wartime and polio which surely has saved many more millions from enduring a horrific debilitating disease. But why are vaccines the only answer to Covid? This virus is not like other infectious diseases. It is a coronavirus, like the common cold. It is more severe, so doesn’t that deem us to consider other options? Why are health and other methods of prevention and care not being discussed?

Vitamin D is known to have some of the most powerful impacts on our health, and yet many practitioners and studies are advising not to take it.[12] Yet it is well known that people of the northern hemisphere tend to have less vitamin D because of the lack of sunshine. And then there’s Ivermectin. Why is this anthelmintic not being considered? Health authorities have chosen to rely solely on vaccines that were developed in 6 months and are yet to pass two years of testing. And yet those same authorities have disregarded a drug that has been available for over 40 years. Perhaps because there have been Covid-19 treatments that showed promise in test tubes such as the antimalarial hydroxychloroquine promoted by former U.S. President Donald Trump and even Elon Musk, but they ultimately failed to show benefit for Covid patients once studied in clinical trials.

Traditional Western medicine or evidence-based medicine has been bent on “cures” for far too long. And Western governments have been fully behind this approach for decades. The problem with this approach is that it is completely devoid of anything holistic. It disregards lessons learned in Chinese or naturopathic medicinal practices. Just take these pills and you’ll be fine in a few weeks. A quick fix, completely disregarding the long-term effects that might come with that approach. Instead, it’s bent on a synthetic approach. How about just reminding people about the value in being happy and living a low-stress lifestyle? But the media and the government have teamed up to spread fear. Instead of encouraging people on the importance of an active lifestyle, they have discouraged people leaving from leaving their homes. I don’t recall once over the course of the pandemic a mention on the importance of moving our bodies every day or supporting groups that support a healthy lifestyle. And they have made little to no mention on the importance of a healthy diet, consuming daily doses of fresh fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, and dense and nutritious proteins.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a firm believer in science. The scientific community has been right many times in the past, and they’ve done great things for humanity, saving many hundreds of millions of lives throughout the course of history. But let’s also not forget that they have been very wrong many times too. Much of it has been due to negligence or lack of understanding, while others have been just plain criminal.

It can be foolish to believe that we are at the peak of discovery and pharmaceutical companies have genuinely good intentions. They’re companies, designed to make money. A rule of thumb I go by is if you can buy in a company shares, there will always be some questionable practices hidden behind the curtain. You just need to dig a bit for them. Let’s not forget that it was a common belief up until the 16th century that the earth was the center of the universe. If you proclaimed that it was any different in public, you risked being shunned or worse. The question people who believe in the efficacy and safety of the vaccines is, “what if this time the science is wrong?” We’ve grown too arrogant and confident in our own abilities as a species.

My point is that the scientific community should and must continue to pursue all avenues, seeking to give people alternative options if they wish to defer getting a vaccine.

An Unconstitutional Way Forward

The Covid-19 pandemic does not constitute a situation where Canada is in peril. With a mortality rate of less than 1%, and likely far less now with the most recent strains, including Omicron and BA-2 that hardly justifies the action our country is taking. Surely there can be some measures in place and a focus placed on improving health care, but what has been untaken such as removing the basic rights and freedoms of Canadians vaccinated and unvaccinated, is unconstitutional. It’s outright ruthless! The Federal government has violated and continues to violate the rights and freedoms of Canadians. These infringements include:

Section 1 of the Constitution states that Charter rights can be limited by law so long as those limits can be shown to be reasonable in a free and democratic society does not apply. If and when emergency action is to be taken it must be (1) demonstrably justified, (2) be done by law, (3) be done within reasonable limits, and (4) done within the context of a free and democratic society. And a free and democratic society means parliamentary democracy. We have 14 parliaments and they have all been completely silent. There is no parliamentary committee happening in any of those fourteen parliaments. The Canadian Federal government has mandated its citizens to be vaccinated, preventing millions of Canadians from traveling within and outside of Canada.

“All that Canadians want is to see a leader who will work to heal riffs; not further divide. A leader who will listen even to those voices he might not agree with. A leader who will work to understand, not dismiss, not name call and gaslight. Contrary to some, there are passionate, patriotic and peaceful Canadians on the Hill right now who just want to be heard. Will the Prime Minister extend an olive branch, and will he listen?”

Candice Bergen, Interim Leader of Conservatives (opposition to Liberal government)
The majority of Canadians believe the Trudeau government is hiding something about Covid-19

No End Game

Does this all shock you, or is that just a consequence of the times? The hate being spewed by some on the Left is just wrong. They still believe that those unvaccinated and protesting for the mandates and restrictions to end are the issue. The Canadian Federal government and media have fuelled the slander, going as far as to call the protestors neo Nazis and fascists. They are brainwashing too many minds in this country. Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, afraid of what might become of his autocratic rule, has fled to a remote location. What he should have done is speak directly to the Canadian people and open parliament for a debate! That’s what a good leader of a free country like Canada would do, after all. Other countries look up to us. We must show the world we are still a proud people that celebrate our rights and freedoms, especially in a time like this!

With no end game in sight for lockdowns, quarantines, vaccine passports, and vaccination programs the nightmare will continue on. Perhaps until we’ve all had our 4th, 5th, and 6th boosters. At this point, the Liberal government looks to be set on 100% vaccination for all Canadians, and boosters every 6 months thereafter. But “this program” doesn’t work for me and millions of other Canadians.

It Should be Your Choice

A free and democratic society allows citizens to do with their bodies what they will. This is a law found in Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.[13] Someone in a forum recently commented in relation to Covid vaccines, “the one thing I have control over in this life is what goes into my body.” Somehow we have lost this very freedom in Canada. Even if the vaccine were 100% effective and had zero known side effects, individuals should still have a choice to choose whether they get vaccinated or not, and without consequence.

I myself, a young and healthy professional have dedicated my life to sustaining my well-being and health. I experienced Delta and it was incredibly enduring. It’s not flu, but it is recoverable. I have fully recovered and trust that I now have a great deal of natural immunity. I believe my immunity is higher than anyone that has had an mRNA vaccine last summer. Should I be forced to take a vaccine that doesn’t have a great track record at at preventing infection and may even cause me harm? I think I should have the right to say, “No”, if I don’t want to risk it. If what someone is doing does not bring harm to anyone else they should have the right to choose. Wouldn’t you agree?

Some believe vaccinated people are someone more safe to society. Those people are pulling at straws if they believe an unvaccinated person infected with Covid is any more likely to spread the virus than someone vaccinated. On the other hand, it has been commonplace that a vaccinated person pass the virus on to others as they are far more likely to be asymptomatic than someone that has not had the vaccine or virus. We all should have the right to choose what to do with our bodies, and not lose or risk losing our rights or freedoms in the case we choose not oblige to a program that infringes on that very principle.

We all should have the right to choose what to do with our bodies, and not lose or risk losing our rights or freedoms in the case we choose not oblige to a program that infringes on that very principle.

That is what is at stake right now and what the purpose of this article is. I believe in a state that gives people the freedom to choose what to do with their bodies. People in the West thrived during the 80s as they were free and liberated, while those trapped within the confines of the Iron Wall of the Soviet Union deteriorated in tyranny. It wasn’t until the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 that we discovered just how bad it really had become. Let’s not let Canada repeat those same tragic mistakes so many before us have fallen victim to.

Rise Up, Canada!

I love my country. But through the course of these dark days, I’ve been asking myself, “what is my country, and does it still exist?” I, like many other unvaccinated Canadians are no longer free to move within the country, or to leave it. I may be unvaccinated, but I believe am no more contagious, prone to illness or dangerous than anyone who has had the vaccine and boosters. Sure, there are some that might want to consider getting the vaccine. All the power to them! But when my Prime Minister says he plans to double down on his efforts with the vaccine mandate program, like some sort of autocrat, that is cringeworthy.

The unvaccinated and those protesting against the mandates are not criminals and they should not be treated like ones. Perhaps I’m biased here, but these people should be admired for exercising right to peacefully protest for their beliefs and do so peacefully. I, like so many other Canadians can only hope is that this division will act as a unifying factor for our country. That people from all sides, political affiliations, ethnicities, and religious beliefs would come together and fight for our country! The world is watching.

Get Back in the Driver’s Seat

Canadians have a reputation for being known as the world’s, “friendliest people”. But that very strength has been our weakness this past year. We must not take this abuse our government is dealing with any longer. Canada should follow in the path of countries like the UK and Denmark where Covid-19 is no longer considered critical to public health. The majority of all mandates have been dropped and life is returning to normal.

Canadians must become civically involved in the democratic processes again. Power has been consolidated in the hands of the Federal government for too long. Our MPs and provinces no longer have power. This must not be allowed to continue! It’s time we let the democratic process determine what the rules and guidelines should be and not a leader with a forceful hand. The youth and the rest of us need to return to life as normal. Life must go on! In doing so we should continue to be aware of the elderly and immunocompromised, but we must live our lives as was intended. We risk further deterioration of the mental health of generations if we wait much longer and restrict the rights and freedoms of our citizens!

If these infringements on our basic rights and freedoms are allowed to continue the next time there is an emergency the action allowed to continue will be a precedent. If these unconstitutional actions are allowed to continue by the Canadian Federal government they could erode our constitutional process for generations to come. And Canada will never be the same!

Canadians, it’s time to rise up against this tyranny and stand up for the restoration of faith in our system. It’s time we end these mandates which have caused hatred and division among our people. We, the Canadian people are a free, proud and peaceful people. It’s time we started acting like that and we take back the country that is rightfully ours!

You Can Make a Difference

So you might be thinking, “how can I get involved and make a difference?” Well, there there are a number of ways you can play a part in this and have an impact:

  1. Educate yourself. The current government has infringed on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Freedom of assembly (section 2c), Freedom of association (section 2d), Mobility rights (section 6) and Life, liberty, and security (section 7) and they have failed to demonstrably justify their actions for this. Educate yourself in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If you’re Canadian you should know these like you know the alphabet.
  2. Write your MLA. One of the most effective ways to make a difference as a citizen is to contact your Member of Legistalive Assemly (MLA). These are the people elected by you and me represent us! To learn more and write your MLA go to Members of the Legislative Assembly page.
  3. Support the Freedom Convoy 2022. There are ways to get involved and see what is going on. One of the best ways is to check out the Freedom Convoy Instagam page and follow them to keep track of what they are up to and the learn more about what the movement is about and hoping to achieve.
  4. Fill the airways. Now is the time to use those old social media accounts. Go to your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and share your pictures, clips and thoughts on this topic.
The official English version of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, is shown. THE CANADIAN PRESS/stf


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