Set Your Priorities, Set Your Course

We all have priorities in life. What is most precious to us? It can be hard to decide what is at the top of our list. Ultimately though we just have one machine (our body) and one operating system (our mind and energy source (our soul). So mine goes like this:

  1. Me (body, mind, and soul)
  2. God
  3. Partner
  4. Family
  5. Friends
  6. Work
  7. Hobbies

This doesn’t mean I don’t put the most time into work, but if others need help I do my best to drop it. God, my partner, family, friends, and myself come before my work. It just works afterall. I can always get another job. Getting back all those others things takes a lot of work and is impossible.

Sometimes even hobbies take priority over work. We all know how quickly we can lose money, but we also know how quickly we can attain it. Money comes and goes. Hobbies bring you joy and allow you to tinker and build something of value that brings you satisfaction and joy that can be lasting.

When you set your priorities you set your course for life.


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