There are so many good and inspiring quotes on perspective. I particularly enjoy the gritty and blunt stuff. Winston Churchill once summed it up well, “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.” Now he might have been referring to the marines on the ground on D-Day, but it also probably relates to his life as prime minister of Britain during WWII which might have been the toughest job at the time.. Regardless what is was, I like what he’s implying: keep your head up, don’t lose heart, and keep going. We need good perspective and encouragement when we’re going through tough times. You don’t necessarily need encouragement when things are going dandy. The goal is to have good perspective on life, whether the sun is out or it’s pouring down rain. It’s easier said than done sometimes, but you’ve got to work towards that. Life bears some painful and enduring experiences for many of us. Going through can feel terrible and be unbearable sometimes. Facing people is tough, work is enduring and seeing other people happy and enjoying life can be miserable. Struggles will come, but these things too shall pass. Things will get better. Handled right, the hardships will allow things to be stirred up and promote reinvention in you. What can happen is we get comfortable in this life and we stop moving forward. A difficult time can help you snap out of it.

Things will get better. Jump back in it. Face your fears head on. Run towards that roar. I know, it’s not always that easy. Try stepping back, taking a deep breath (or 10 and repeat often) and forging ahead. Surrounding yourself with loving and supportive people is important too. Good friends and family with backbone are irreplaceable. Value them. Always. Be positive, look beyond the traffic jam in front, to the open highway just a few miles ahead. Listen to your heart and discernment, and not just what your eyes and ears are registering. Things are not always as they seem. Sometimes it’s really tough to switch your perspective and get out of the rut, but you can do it. For me a mixtures of a few good bikes rides, runs, laughs with friends and family and prayer always helps get me out of the valley. Everyone is different though.

Your life is a story, and you get to decide how to write the pages. There are certainly events along the way that will get in your way and change things for you, but knowing that this life is temporary and not meant to be perfect (for anyone) helps. It’s about how you get through it and how you impact others. Think of your life like Lord of the Rings. Lots of big, scary things along the way, challenges, but beauty woven in between and a big celebration at the end. Remember, that what you endure builds character and gives you more depth that you would not have otherwise. Look for ways to resolve your situation, but don’t strive. Striving will only cause you more grief. There’s a good saying about life, “the way up is the way down.” Falling down and humility are good things. Our richest times can be in our hardships. This life and how it turns out for you, can all be about having the right perspective – the right viewpoint.

One thought on “Viewpoint

  1. God definitely bring people in our lives who challenges our view points, our world views and to rock our boat to see if we truly are stuck in our ways or is our heart and mind open to what He has to say and are we staying in tune with Him, with Holy Spirit. And are we obediently doing what we sense He is asking of us with courage and boldness even in the midst of our fears. Yes it builds character and it also propels us closer to our destiny and we help others as well.


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