Your Time Here

We’ve all heard life is short and maybe some of us actually understand by now half of what it means, but are we making a move? Most of us are still thinking and operating under the model that we’ve got lots of time to figure it out, and “my life is so busy.” Meanwhile, time ticks away. It’s easy to not make the most of your time. Life gets busy, complicated, stressful, you get married, have kids – our dreams seem as though they are impossible to reach, and we settle for the status quo. We get comfortable in believing working a steady job, raising a family, time with friends, and an annual vacation are living life, but let’s be honest, most of those things are not what we’re here for. If you think they are, then you’re not really digging deep enough. When you’re 9 years old your vision of life wasn’t sitting on the couch watching friends and yelling at the kids to clean their rooms. As we get older our minds become flooded with so much junk, and we get sidetracked, overwhelmed, discouraged and unmotivated to do something greater. Maybe there just isn’t enough time in the day? Do you remember when you were a kid and a 15 minute recess seemed like an hour and week long summer camp seemed like an eternity? That was because your young mind was always learning and processing things around you. As we get older our energy tends to dwindle, our vision narrows, and we lose sight of life’s many, many possibilities.

When we’re young, life is an adventure, it’s scary sometimes but we believe anything is possible. As we get older, there’s disappointment, we get hurt, people let us down… we let ourselves down. Our childhood dreams of changing the world, slowly dissapear. It’s often part of a generational cycle, that one generation passes down from the next. That lack of hope and preservance for pushing through our fears and doubts and just going for it. It’s rare that we hear people easily reaching their dreams and changing the world. It’s through many failures, discouragement, getting back up when we fall, hard work and perseveranceWe’re here to impact the world around us and bring something that only we can bring.

Life is so beautiful. Don’t let bad things that happen to you derail your dreams. It’s those times when we might think it’s over that can be paramount in realizing them. Those moments in our lowest and darkest place, that there’s a shift in our mindset; in our heart that puts us on the path to reaching our dreams. Those are the moments that define us. The opposite of despair, sadness and shame is hope. Set that as your first objective and build from there. Get to a place of peace and rest in who you are. Next time you’re outside, listen for the wind, the birds; let your mind flow to a good and freeing place. Realize your greatness. Your purpose. Who you are. And your time here. You have one life to live, so you might as well make the most out of it right now, otherwise you’re wasting time.

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