The Valley

I see you down in the valley.
There is no land there,
Only moving water.
It’s dark and heavy,
The light of day barely reaches that place.

Hades tugs at your leg,
He tries to drag your bobbing head down.
Your arms and legs dance in the water to stay afloat,
But you do not abandon hope.

Many in the hills have tried to reach you,
But they cannot.
I have waited on the periphery,
But I cannot see where to go.
No one can reach you,
Only you know how to maneuver into the darkness of that valley.

I hear your cries,
They pierce the air.
Tears stream down your face,
Creating rivers.
Your pain cuts like a thousand tiny knives,
Scars riddle your body.

You don’t ask why, but how?
How do I become stronger to climb up out of this valley,
To reach out of the depth of this pit?
But there are no paths to go.

Then there is a light,
A break from the heavens.
It’s bursts down light,
A bright aura that blinds the darkness.

A path that we could not see before is now visible,
It is called Hope.
This path leads up out of the valley,
I see you moving towards it.

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