Nothing is Wasted

There’s something mysterious and powerful about gazing into the horizon stretched across the ocean, at dusk.
The crashing of the waves and the smell of the salted air brings to memory the shores I have visited.

But as my thoughts go deeper, I am reminded how seasons in this life are temporary.
They’re like the waves that roll in and out throughout the day.
The salted water cleans, purifies, smoothes and promotes life where it once was dead.

And this brings me joy knowing this, and reminds me just how beautiful and precious this life is.
The trials we face often feel wasted, at the time, but they always end up being the fuel that propels us to that new height we used to dream about, but we didn’t know how to get to.

When you walk in the Kingdom, nothing is wasted.
Focus on what has been gained, use your gifts, persevere and never look back.
He helps us do the rest, and makes our story extraordinary.

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