Your Next Moment is Now

Life is a collection of moments, seasons and chapters. And the beautiful and inevitable part of life is that nothing stays the same. There is change. Those moments end and new ones begin. It’s a good thing. No, it’s a great thing. Change is where things get better. Don’t believe me? Just keep reading. For mat people that are bored, sad, depressed and stuck, it’s because their life has become about sustaining. That’s not as life should be. 2015 brought some turbulence for me. It was dark, stormy, lonely and it felt hopeless at time. But because it shook like a hurricane it got me rethinking things, “what is the purpose of (my) life?” How far would I be willing to go to make changes that made life better, greater, sweeter and more fulfilling? I decided to act, and make some significant “big” moves, and they ran up until the very last month of the year.

And all that stuff. I think some of the best ideas and game changers have been founded on pure thoughts. Not on sustainability, but in giving people something that is so much more. Improving their lives and working towards making the world a better place. I think it starts with a good heart. Steve Jobs of Apple had a desire was to make personal computer available to everyone. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos wanted to make books more aaccessible and affordable to everyone. Facebook was founded to connect friends and family. And Elon Musk of Tesla, the electric car company, wants to save a planet that we are on the process to destructing. I want to be remembered as someone that loved connecting and elevating others, exploring and learning. I want to continue to seek the improvement of other’s lives, not only my own, and always challenge the status quo of what is good enough. What things do you want to do for others, for your community, city and the world?

The path to the greatest things in life often don’t make sense. We all have the ability to change. We have the ability to change the world around us. But we must be willing to take risks. Those risks can sometimes feel like staring down a 90 foot cliff to raging waters below. What do we do? Less than 10% of us will jump in. The rest will turn away and try to find an easier way. Those that fall, if they survive the drop, must survive the waters below. The message is. When we follow the river it will lead us to an entirely new, green and lush land where the waters are smooth and the sun shines brightly. Kind of sound like a dream? Those that experience success in life do just that. You have to take some form of a risk to succeed. When we take those chances, as scary as they can be sometime, we start to discover  the purpose of our lives. That is a good reward.

The next step is often scary… Don’t let your fears scare you from taking hold of your dreams and going for them. Pursuing my dreams feels a bit scary, a little lonely, but also exciting. I’m leaving a comfy, well paying job. I live in a beautiful city (Vancouver). And I have great friends here. Friends that are like family. I’m not leaving it all behind and starting again. I’m building, I’m growing, and I’m changing. I think that in order to grow and become who we’re designed to be, we need new people throughout the course of our lives. That doesn’t mean you don’t keep your core group of friends, but it’s healthy to proactively cycle through friends as life goes on. New friends give us fresh eyes that can encouarge and remind of us how far we’ve come. There is always more (of you) to discover. Life is an ever changing moment. I’m taking a chance moving to a foreign country and going to school that is completely different from what I’ve done in the past. And what if it all falls apart, and I have to come back to Canada? The way I see it. If that happens, and it is very unlikely to, the greatest people have failed. And not just a few times, but many times. Edison failed thousands of times, before all those failures finally paid off. They experience success beyond their imagination. It sounds like wishful thinking, but it’s in fact how things work. You get back up stronger with more determination, experience, wisdom and humility than before. That is what becomes your winning formula.

Be free, now. Don’t let materials, mainstream ideas and foundations set stop you from setting out on a whole new path. It has crossed my mind more than once over this last month that I’m going to have to give away and let go of a lot of my things. I would trade all that stuff, in a second, for a life that is challenging, pushing the limits of my comfort zones and setting me on a path that is nothing short of life changing. The Land Down Under and Hillsong College will be great for me. I’m not saying go sell your house now, quit your job and move to Indonsesia to live on a beach, but it’s important that you set your path in the right direction. Move closer to who you were designed to be, but stepping forward, not back. Say, “yes” more. Isn’t wasn’t long ago that my goal was to become established. I worked on this for years. It wasn’t wrong, but it had its season, and now it’s time to move the next phase. I can honestly say that I would be stuck. Just work to become establish in a city, a job, an apartment, a comfortable life? Little life can come out that in my opinion. A life like this will drain you. If you find yourself becoming obsessed with safety, security and comfort it’s time to make set things in motion. You’re in a trap. 

Make life about making the impossible, possible, and for the right reasons. Realize that you are made for great things, and never let go of that. Life is exciting when you’re aligned. Like a train, you gain momentum, that builds and builds. So… is your next moment now?

One thought on “Your Next Moment is Now

  1. That is so good Josh! Challenging, inspiring and cutting-edge. So excited and proud of you and I love that you have left it open ended. I don’t really know if there is any failure . It’s just that things don’t always end up like we’ve imagined and people sometimes called that failure. It’s going to be a great run!


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