7 Tools That Will Make You More Productive

Life is a beautiful and exciting journey. There’s so much to explore, learn and be passionate about. But why can’t we do it all? Well, there’s so much in between. So what if  you could maximize the time and efforts you put into your day, and get more out of it?

As 2020 nears more and more will be demanded of your schedule; you’ll want to adjust with the times.

Do you know what a clunky and cheap knives have in common? They slow you down. It’s like trying to swim with a 5 pound weight attached to your ankle. My Dad always used to say, “if you don’t have the right tools you might as well not do the job.”

What if you could change your life with just a few items?

All you need to do is pickup a few quality items. You don’t need the latest BMW or pair of Gucci purses to be the top cat on the block. All it takes is a few extra dollars, and you can change the entire game for yourself.


A good phone can make all the difference these days. It’s faster, smarter, and well, you’ll actually want to use it.

Recommendation: iPhone – top brand for phone on the market. They work well and Apple’s warranty is unbeatable, especially if you live near an Apple store. +$450 (3 years)

Electric Toothbrush

Poor dental hygiene is the leading causes of gingivitis and countless other issues like diabetes, nerve issues and heart disease. Using an electric toothbrush will help prevent many of those conditions and help prevent gum recession. Electric toothbrushes are proven to be easier to use and less room for error. There’s a time you simply adjust when the rpm’s of the brush buzz changes. You’ll not only do a better job of cleaning them chompers, but you’ll live longer, have better general health and clean air will be coming from your mouth.

Recommendation: Philips Sonicare – top brand for electric toothbrush on the market for many years. They work well and last long. +$150 (every 4 years)

Hepa Vacuum

Cleaning isn’t something that everyone chomps at the bit to do. But if you have a quality vacuum that you actually enjoy to use, is ergonomic, has good mobility, is easy to cleanup and just works you’ll be surprised at what will happen: you’ll start using it. And a clean house has proven to improve health significantly, especially when the floors and air is kept in a good state, like with a good hepa filter.

Recommendation: Dyson – easy to use, superior performance, excellent hepa filter system and they can actually get you excited about cleaning. +$400 (every 7 years)

Dyson D38 Vacuum


We all need to eat. There’s no way around the fact you’ll eventually need to cook too. Eating out is expensive and not always the healthiest choice. A good set of knives will make

Recommendation: Cutco – lifetime warranty and free sharpening and replacement for life. They things are tough and they work well. +$650 (lifetime)


A quality set of runners will keep you interested in heading to the gym. It’s an investment in your health, but also

Recommendation: Saucony – well made shoes, designed by athletes for athletes. +$50 (bi-annually)

Green Tea

One of the best ways to alkalize, improve metabolism and energize your body is a cup or two of quality green tea (sencha, gunpowder, genmaicha or matcha). If you have a list of things to do and need a boost, grab a cup of green. Have some on standby – always. NOTE: make sure the tea you buy is traditional or naturally flavoured.

Recommendation: T2 for those in Australia and David’s Tea in Canada. +$100 (annually)


Your way to get things done is reminders and achieving so much more is reminders. I’m not talking about sticky notes, although these work great, they are not the way to the modern era. I’m talking about electronic reminders. You can find them on your phone.

Recommendation: Apple reminders or Google Keep. $0

Apple Reminders

And before you say you can’t afford these… Let’s keep in the mind that the additional cost is comparable to ONE month’s rent. These tools are affordable. You just have to make the choice to place value in them.


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