Hillsong Conference

Darkness. The music begins to play. And then bright lights stream through the crowds. The beat of drum beat and guitars begin playing. Vibrations flowing through my body. I watch as 30k people begin to sing and stretch their hands to heaven. They sing ONE SONG with all that is in them. Praising ONE GOD.

The Experience

Hillsong Conference. An annual project that this church puts on. It feels like heaven. Seeing it all come together. The hours of work. The four thousand people that volunteer to make this happen. It is so very special. The opportunity to be there. The opportunity to serve. A privilege.

Realizing someone – actually many people – have believed in me and mentored me so that I could be here.

In this slice of heaven. I sing a long with all that is in me. I can feel emotions stirring in me so strong that I cannot contain. I feel my eyes begin to water. And then tears begin streaming down. I can feel the Holy Spirit flowing through my body like a river.

I often used to wonder why people in Jesus were so happy. It seemed odd. It used to freak me out a bit.

It was as if they were on something. I understand it now. I’m learning that God’s will and His power is supernatural, and so evident. When we abide in Him profound things begin to happen in our lives. Unexplainable things. We should never underestimate what is happening.

Living as We Were Intended

Erwin McManus spoke at Conference on how most people are living below the potential of what they were designed for. Way below. A fraction. We were intended to be creative and produce greatness in His name. To be brilliant in our gifting, setting the standard for the world – using all good things that are in our hands, pushing beyond the boundaries of the status quo. Every one of us.

Creativity is in us. It’s part of our DNA.

The reason why many of us experience frustration in our lives is because we do not flow. Most churches are not doing exceedingly well with communicating the message, worship, identifying with their congregation and doing all things in excellence. God deserves the very best. Our very best.

This place. This conference is not average. Hillsong is not your average church. 

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Collective Worship

It is moments of listening. Stopping and just listening to what is happening. The music and the people all singing in unison that have have impacted me most. The experience surrounds you, it embraces, encompasses every ounce of your being. You realize deep down that we were made for this. Made to be part of this heavenly space and to worship like this. Among thousands. The impact runs deeps. A deep root. It plants something deep inside that is undeniably good and beautiful. Yet so natural. It is undeniably a glimpse of heaven.

I am in awe of the crowds. I have never seen so many people worship and exalt His name. It is nothing short of the greatest celebration I have ever been to. There is so much jubilation in this place.

I want every member of my family to experience this. 

I watch people shout of the songs, tears stream down their face as they abandon everything within them their hands stretched to heaven. You realize in this moment – every life is important.

Oh how precious each and every life is. 

When we experience pain, failure and loss and then in the midst we find Jesus. It’s in that moment that we first experience hope. And everything begins to change for us.

Ebbs and Flows

There will be times of pain and loss whether we believe or not. But when we have something to fall back on – the grace and love of the Saviour – to catch us and bring us comfort and peace. That’s when we know. This. Right here, is profound. Undeniably alive and for each and every one of us to be a part of. Our time here is short. And that is why tears stream down my face. It took much sacrifice and work to be here. Sweat and tears. Doubt and exhaustion. But what really gets me is the second, third and fourth chances God has give me to experience moments like this. To be part of a church like this. These are tears of joy. He restores the most desperate of situations. I am amazed by His goodness.

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