Where Are We Going?

“You’ve got to be careful if you don’t now where you’re going because you might not get there.” -Yogi Bear

When you get into your car in the morning you generally have an idea where you are headed. Maybe you’re headed to work or to school. So where are we going with the current presidential incumbents? Not long ago people would put faith in personality, modesty, being genuine… their trustworthiness. People need purposeful, inclusive, progressive and good natured vision. If their hearts are filled with fear, hate, lust or greed things will not turn out well. History always repeats itself. If we are to step back and view the current situation, from a bird’s eye, we would realize that we are headed for a collision course.

It’s not just another 4 years we are talking about…

“I am the messenger, I am the messenger of being smart, of common sense, of not being ripped off by every country in the world… of having strong borders. Would anybody like to see the wall get built? We are going to build a wall…” -Donald Trump Rally, Denver, CO July 29, 2016

Dangerous Minds = Dangerous Times

This article isn’t about tearing down either of these candidates. I honestly do not like to comment on these types of things – politics, religion or money. It’s important to remain positive. Negativity never helps. But it’s time I break the silence – it’s longer beneficial. I am honestly grieving over this current situation, and I know many of us are. I think moat are asking ourselves, right now, what is going on? But no one is rising up. How did the decay of our morals and society get to this point, and start picking up speed? We are witnessing the rise of extreme nationalism across the world with ISIS terror growing, Brexit in our midst, Putin’s Russia and now Trump and Hillary. Moral decay in society is at an all time high – you just have to look for it on the Internet. This no longer a season, but a destination. It’s time to stop the car!

While the world waits…

The times we’re in – you really can’t write this stuff – I’m not the only one concerned. Future generations are at stake. While they are mindlessly Netflixing, and trying to find Pokemons in basements, the world is taking a nose dive.

Their futures are at stake, and we’re not taking this serious enough.

Who are we putting into power? We’ve had some okay leaders and some pretty disappointing ones, but none that entered the stage like this before. These incumbents should be the ones who were out long ago because the thought of them leading a nation was just ridiculous. And now they’re about to go head to head. Leaders in the past had some moral “fumblings” or poor judgment in a moment of weakness. But overall things looked pretty good. These new guys don’t look good, at all. The previous presidential incumbents won playing fair. Now, the nice guy or gal bows out early because they can’t take the abuse. It’s like playing with bullies in the sandpit. Sooner or later you get tired and just head home.

But the people are eating this up…

But these days we seem to be, but a poor pauper ready to jump at the first thing that falls into our hat? Especially if it comes with controversy. Trump and Hillary. Really? I am just a spectator, after all. I am not an American, just a friendly Canadian that doesn’t want to see the next leader of the Free World, and our closest ally win under these circumstances and have this type of character. So how did we get here?

What it means to be the President

To be a coach of a college football team it generally takes a morally ground and inherently good person to lead well. It’s the same with anything, really. Why wouldn’t you want those values? But the basis of what it takes to be a great leader is so much greater. And it has been lost to the general population. George Washington has been contended in being one of the greatest leaders in history. “Historians laud Washington for the selection and supervision of his generals, preservation and command of the army, coordination with the Congress, state governors and their militia, and attention to supplies, logistics, and training. After victory had been finalized in 1783, Washington resigned as commander-in-chief rather than seize power, proving his opposition to dictatorship and his commitment to American republicanism.”[1] Washington accepted the presidency, but with remarkable reluctance. His tone suggests how precarious the future of America seemed to him.”[2] In a letter to General Henry Knox, his friend from the Continental Army who served as Secretary of War:

Mount Vernon April 1st. 1789

My dear Sir;

The Mail of the 30th. brought me your favor the 23d. – For which, & the regular information you have had the goodness to transmit of the state of things in New York, I feel myself very much obliged, and thank you accordingly. –

I feel for those Members of the new Congress, who, hitherto, have given an unavailing attendance at the theatre of business: – For myself, the delay may be compared to a reprieve; for in confidence I can assure you – with the world it would obtain little credit – that my movements to the chair of Government will be accompanied with feelings not unlike those of a culprit who is going to the place of his execution: so unwilling am I, in the evening of a life nearly consumed in public cares to quit a peaceful abode for an Ocean of difficulties, without that competency of political skill – abilities [inserted: & inclination] which is necessary to manage the helm. – I am sensible, that I am embarking the voice of my Countrymen and a good name of my own, on this voyage, but what returns will be made for them – Heaven alone can foretell. – Integrity & firmness is all I can promise – these, be the voyage long or short, never shall forsake me although I may be deserted by all men. – For of the consolations which are to be derived from these (under any circumstances) the world cannot deprive me. – With best wishes for Mrs. Knox, & sincere friendship for yourself – I remain

Your Affectionate, Go: Washington

What I recognize in this letter is humility, foresight and strength from Washington. A man who had seen the carnage or war and the precarious experiment that was ahead: the establishment of the American nation. He knew it would be a big job, and not for most – not even himself. When someone jumps at the chance to become president and claims they alone will “make America great again”, people should be concerned.

FullSizeRender 14

Here’s where we’re headed with Trump

Trump is not a nice guy.“Trump is going to be no more Mr. Nice Guy.” Who even refers to himself in the third person? The guy seems a bit mad. Bloomberg at a recent rally questioned during a speech if Trump is actually sane. He slams, criticizes and uses language, that is rarely fair or justified. He’s a bully and doesn’t play nice. His passion is himself. And this is just the beginning. He recently admitted in a rally that,  He wants to put up a wall, punish those that oppose America and “make America great [white] again.” Putin and him look to be wearing very similar shoes, and buddy-buddy. This will change. Hitler and Stalin were only friends, until Hitler sent a sneak attack across Russia’s borders. I wonder, are people standing by Trump because he promises to revitalize the economy and protect jobs? If money has become the #1 priority, then we have already lost. There is little to look forward to and alot to be concerned about with Trump in power. After all, he wants to run America and the world like a Trump Tower project. Yikes.

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And with Hillary

If Hillary wins we can expect more of what Obama has already done, but further concentration. Having her around should benefit women’s rights and education, but what about everything else lik the economy or foreign policy? Does she care is she trustworthy I think are the questions on most people’s minds? She’s lied and deceived countless times before to government agencies and the general public on several accounts, and she will do it again when she sees fit to do so (i.e. if it benefits her position or the party’s). Even Obama indirectly commented on the presidential incumbents to a recent Harvard grad class, “In politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. It’s not cool to not know what you’re talking about.” Hillary was as much a target as Trump. YEs, having Hillary make the decisions and tell us what the plan is will be a sticky situation. Hopefully she’ll plan to surround herself with good people.

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Ultimately, the People will lose

Megalomania, bigotry, discrimination, lies and deception are a few of the words that come to mind when most logical people think about Trump or Hillary. This is one of the first presidential elections where neither of the candidates is an honored member of a religious organization. That’s a problem with that because they base their judgment and actions on their own understanding. And when did arrogance and big headed politics become okay? Hillary proclaimed she’d be the next president in a recent interview with 20/20. Where is the modesty?

And Trump?

“They are going to come to me and say… Mr. President you are winning too much. It’s no good Mr. President. We’re not used to it in our country. We never won and now you’re winning too much… We’re gonna win so much. We’re gonna make America great again…” -Donald Trump Rally, Denver, CO July, 29, 2016

It’s going down

We are witnessing the fastest degradation of society since the Roman Empire. And history tells us what happens next. We’re celebrating fighters in the Octagon, praising chefs and fearful of what our future might hold. Fear shuts down consciousness.

People come to illogical conclusions because of fear.

Clinton and Trump are dangerous. And they are taking advantage of people’s fear riding on their coattails to victory. Their platforms are being primed to act – not to govern. As potential leaders of the most powerful and lethal country on earth, it’s as if we are handing a loaded gun to a gang member in front of his enemies, and saying, “give it a whirl.” One is an extreme nationalist and deeply prejudice (some say racist) while the other is a compulsive liar and the American people feel they can’t trust with $5. We must choose leaders for the right reasons, not the wrong ones like money, fear or power. History tells us what happens when we choose like that. We must stand up to those that would seek to tear down, exclude, have questionable morality, and are not trustworthy, especially leaders. Whoever wins on November 8th, we the people (and not just the Americans), are set to lose. We will have chosen wrong. Let’s go back to standing firm for what is true and just, and make the tough choices that will benefit future generations

And that’s enough serious stuff. I’ll leave you with this funny…


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